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Dr. Ken has spent the past 5 years studying with Dr. Martin Rosen, the foremost expert on Pediatric Cranial Adjusting, traveling multiple times per year to improve and expand on his knowledge and mastery of techniques that directly apply to not only many of the conditions that newborns deal with on a day-to-day basis, but also positively effect their development, even from birth.

A baby being able to express 100% of their potential, especially during the most explosive growth period of their lives, is our passion. Because not only does that optimal expression effect what is happening today, but it also sets the stage for their adult life. 

Chiropractic Cranial Adjusting also helps those children (and even adults) that have had hurdles and gaps in their development to neurologically address those gaps and in many cases resolve them in a timely manner naturally…precisely how the body was built to function! 

How the brain and spinal cord function is how the rest of the body functions. The less stress and interference, the better the person expresses that potential. This means less colic. Less feeding issues. Less sensory overload and emotional meltdowns. Less texture sensitivity. More rest. More agreeable. More teachable. More Digestible. More functional in all aspects!!

Insight Scan Technology

need to meet your goals and get the results you have been hoping for! 

One of our most frequently asked questions is “are they safe?” ABSOLUTELY!

Our scans are completely noninvasive and safe for everyone. They don’t put anything into the body, they only read information off of the body like temperature and muscle movement!

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One of the things that really sets us apart here at Cooper Family Chiropractic is our ability to measure the stress on the nervous system. 

These scans allow us to know exactly where the stress is building in your body and how severe it is. 

​This gives Dr. Ken insight on the EXACT and INDIVIDUALIZED care you would

"We think of newborns and infants whose brains are, in those first moments and months of life, immersed in a whirlwind of neuronal development and proliferation. The brain growth that occurs in the first year of life is such that the size of their head has to double in order to facilitate the physical expansion. These new beings are making connections and learning at a rate that they will not be able to equal at any other point in their life.”

~ Dr. Martin Rosen

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