Kellie P.
We were visiting from Texas and our son developed an ear infection that was threatening to ruin the whole trip! We weren’t sure how in the world we were going to make it home driving with a little one running a fever and in pain. A local friend we were visiting suggested our office and thought maybe Dr. Ken could help.

When we called, they made room in their schedule to get him in as soon as possible and Dr. Ken evaluated and Adjusted him with plans to check him again the next day. 

When we took him in the next day, we happily reported to Dr.  Ken that shortly after the adjustment, even before we left the parking lot, our son was acting better and seemed much happier.  By the next day, he was his old smiling, fun-loving self without a trace of ever having any issue!!! 

Thank you!  Chiropractic for the win!!

Ellyann M.
​I had my first visit today and I have got to say this is the best chiropractic visit I’ve ever had. Dr Cooper gave me immediate relief of my hip and lower back pain. 

The office is so nice and clean and the office manager was such a sweetheart. I love it there. Thank you!!!

Megan B.
My pregnancy had been very rough for my third child. In addition to having an early blood clot I also had Choleostasis, Hyperemnesis, and severe gallstones. On the morning of Monday April 12th I had an appointment with Dr. Cooper. After being adjusted I got a call from my doctor telling me that due to the Choleostasis I was going to need to be induced as soon as possible. Four hours later I was up at the hospital and labor had started. As time passed I felt a MASSIVE movement from my soon to be here son that I wasnt sure what it quite was but knew he had done something. Labor continued to progress and six hours after being induced it was time to push. Two minutes in my husband and I quietly hear my doctor say "I think he's breech". Sure enough his big movement was him flipping completely around RIGHT before delivery. However with support from my husband and my great birthing team at Bronson we had a healthy happy breech baby boy just four minutes later! My doctor had known I had been coming to see Dr. Cooper for my entire pregnancy and she asked if I had seen him before coming in. When I told her I had she said she felt like that played a huge factor in her FIRST EVER ALL NATURAL BREECH DELIVERY!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thankful to Cooper Family Chiropractic for all of the support they gave me during my pregnancy, and both my OB and I strongly believe that they were an essential part of my birthing journey.

Sue K. 
​You are amazing with the kids. I talked about you more than once today. Hazel just melted in your arms. Thank you so much for what you do.

Christin B. 
Dr. Cooper has given my life back to me. I work with dogs on a daily basis. I had been swept off of my feet by one back in February. I knew things didn’t feel right but it wasn’t until late spring that I found myself in agony when I tried to walk dogs and I could not sleep. It was just too painful. Through his gift, pain is gone, my energy is back and I am healing! Highly recommend this place. He and his wife are very compassionate people who will make you feel 100% comfort. 

Kaylan E.
​He’s  T AL K I N G !!!! 
​I highly recommend Dr. Cooper. We've recently found out that Ronen has aprexia. He was unable to say a word clearly a month ago and now after seeing Dr. Cooper for the past few weeks he is saying so many words including his name. Thank you so much Dr. Cooper for all the work you do. We are so grateful for you!​

Kristin G.

​“𝑫𝒐 𝑾𝒆 𝑯𝒂𝒗𝒆 𝒕𝒐 𝑫𝒐 𝑶𝒏𝒆 𝒐𝒓 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑶𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓?“ was my question to Dr. Cooper. He said this question is commonly asked in cases of plagiocephaly (misshapen head) and the simple answer is a resounding “NO”. 

When she was fitted for her helmet, they encouraged me to have her re-evaluated in half the time. 

She was supposed to be in her helmet for 6 months, and at less than 3 months into wearing it, coupled with specific Chiropractic Cranial Adjustments, she was evaluated and found to no longer need the helmet at all!!!!

Sydney F. 
Crippling anxiety was my daughter's daily life. She had a hard time going anywhere, especially to school and most mornings wouldn’t make it off the couch! Now, understand that this is a child that simply LOVES learning! She loves school in general, but the thought of going to school in an environment of all of the sounds and stimulus would send her into a full-blown panic attack.

We had been everywhere and were now at the point that they were being told medication was the only answer. 

I wasn't giving up that easily and brought her to Dr Ken. After he evaluated and scanned her, it was found that her nervous system was stressed beyond belief! 

She was constantly in fight-or-flight and couldn’t get out of it. 

We started on a care plan, and after only 5 visits, my daughter did what she felt was impossible!!! 

She went to school!!!! AND had a great day of learning without feeling like her world was caving in on her!!! 

Stephanie C. 
As an infant, Eli had a HORRIBLE time with nursing! I was frustrated, he was frustrated…all around a rough situation! 

I brought him to our office and Dr. Cooper began to work with him. Almost immediately, his latch improved, but he had a hard time holding his Adjustment. But I was determined. I kept working with him, brining him back for over a year to continue to improve his latch and our success with breast feeding! We were able to successfully breast feed for 2 1/2 years before Eli self-weaned!!! 

Laura W. 
I can not recommend Cooper Family Chiropractic enough!

Dr. Cooper treats the entire person, not just your back.  Sure I initially came in due to back issues but everything is connected.

Dr. Cooper recently fixed my sore foot.  turns out I had a bone locked up in my heal.  One tiny tap on it and my foot felt better!

My arm had felt really weak and my shoulder would hurt just lifting a cup of coffee.  Two tiny taps on the side and back of my shoulder and things are back in proper alignment and working wonderfully!

Dr. Cooper helped take care of me through my most recent pregnancy.  Comparing how I felt during my first pregnancy was completely different.  

I can not say enough good things about Dr. Cooper or his Family.  They quite literally take away the aches, pains, and suffering out of life allowing the body to heal itself.  When I'm not focused on my pain I can be a better worker, wife, & mother.  I'm a much happier person as well.  

I am quite confident in referring anyone I know to Dr. Cooper!  Why just get by in life when you can thrive!

Tracy R. 
My daughter has been working with Cooper Family Chiropractic and NeuroPower Solutions and has done amazing work! 

Before she began care, every time she would run it would be like her feet were slapping the ground, sort of flat-footed. It was as painful as it looked and obviously effected her performance in athletics. 

After she began care, she also began to become more coordinated, running on the balls of her feet instead of slapping them flat. 

When she missed her appointment, at the next basketball game, I noticed that the slapping-style run was back and immediately knew what to do. I got her back into the office and sure enough, our basketball star wasn’t functioning at her optimum!

A quick Adjustment and literally you could see the way she walked change before your eyes as she walked out of the room. Smooth. Gentle. With grace. No more slapping. no more hard steps.

I told Dr. Ken that we wouldn’t be missing another appointment like that again!

Experts in Pediatrics, Pregnancy & Families

Cooper Family Chiropractic

William S.
I have never had a better experience then with Doc Cooper. with in seconds pain was gone!!!!! my wife had severe shoulder pain had mri's done and several doctors look at it Doc Cooper took it way in one visit.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica S. 
I first came in when I was 12 weeks pregnant and having severe pain. I thought I was in labor. I have never been to a chiropractor before, I came as a recommendation from my doula. Cooper was able to get me in the same day I called and I left the office pain free. An adjustment was all I needed. Cooper is gentle and amazing. I promise you will not be disappointed. I now come regularly and have been bringing my daughter since she has been born. Her adjustments helped with her latch for breastfeeding.

Haylee F. 
His latch is 95% better!! No more clicking. What would we do without you!?

Cooper Family Chiropractic, Battle Creek MI (269) 274-5716 

Madalyne M.

Landon loves baseball and running around being active and playing hard! 
At the beginning of this year, he was struggling hard with physical issues. He want from playing baseball to literally not being able to walk. 

Out of the blue, he would collapse and he said that his legs wouldn’t work. He wasn’t able to go to school. He was taken to multiple specialists that were having a hard time figuring out what was going on, let alone what to do about it!

We started getting him adjusted and it was honestly a struggle. He didn’t miraculously heal after two adjustments. In fact, for a bit, he got a little worse. But then he turned a corner. He started getting stronger. Less attacks of his legs not working. His energy coming back as well as his will to play and be active. Every step didn’t hurt anymore! And finally…he went back to his love…baseball! He has been able to play without problems since!

We rescanned and compare his first to today and WOW!!! What a difference!!!

Is there more to do? You bet! But Landon is well on his way to having a Nervous system functioning 
at optimal all of the time! Major improvements on the scans. Major improvements in his day-to-day life!

Jessica S. 
I wouldn't take my baby anywhere else!!!

Brooke H. 

Every time we come in, my kids run and they fight over which table they get to lay on. 

Jenny A.

I  wanted to share that we, as a family have been going to Cooper Family Chiropractic PLC - Children, Pregnancy, Families for about 6ish weeks now. It has helped us SO much! We found out that because the triplets were so squished in the womb and were not a vaginal delivery, the skull bones had not gotten compressed and released to be in the correct position and it was limiting their brain and development. 

Zech was the most affected because of his history with torticollis of the neck and minor plagiocephaly. Over the past several weeks I’ve noticed him transition to a new little boy. He’s no longer always tense in his muscles, curling his toes and walking on his toes. His speech is starting to catch up with the girls and he’s just happier in general. I am SO glad I took a leap of faith and put my own preconceived notions aside in order to try to do what was best for my child. 

Based on his results I wanted our whole family to go and it has benefited us all! I’ve probably noticed the biggest change besides Zech. I used to get sick literally ALL the time. I’ve still gotten sick but not as much and I’m not down for as long. I’ve also had tailbone problems ever since I had Isabelle and he’s working on that with me. Last night while driving to class, I could almost sit comfortably in the car! That may sound like nothing but it is huge for me!

Why am I sharing this? To give props to Dr. Ken Cooper and to encourage you to put aside any preconceived notions you have about chiropractic and give Cooper Family Chiropractic a call. You won’t regret it!!! 


Lakota F. 

Incredibly knowledgeable and kind service. Can not recommend Dr.Cooper enough especially to anyone pregnant!

Samantha S.

My son hasn’t slept much since his birth, which was difficult to say the least. He’s usually stiff and rigid, irritable, colicky, and spitting up all of the time. In short, he’s usually miserable and can’t relax enough for any length of time to get any quality rest. And as we all know...if baby isn’t resting, the parents aren’t resting either. 

When we got home after his adjustment, he fell asleep and slept for 2 hours!

Erika H.
My son had to take asthma control medications. Breathing treatments as many as 4 times a day. This was my son's daily life for years. Every seasonal change, we had to brace for him to have more and more problems breathing. Anyone who has an asthmatic child knows this life. Then, this year, we began coming to see Dr. Ken and now since March, he has been medication and treatment free! 

​Tracy M.
We originally came to Dr. Cooper because our son's jaw would get stuck and he would be unable to close it, not to mention his ears bothered him and the poor guy was miserable. 

After Dr. Cooper examined him he told us that his jaw was off to one side, and one ear was flared out more than the other, along with the shape of his skull being off.  He said that these all were indicators of subluxation patterns that interfere with the function of the nervous system and would eventually interfere with his development as he grew. 

After about six month's of getting him adjusted he no longer has the stuck jaw problem and his ears don’t bother him anymore. Even more so, he has continued to grow and hit developmental milestones much more effortlessly!​​

Laura A. 
For years I’ve always struggled with my lower back and hips and recently it just became too much. This was my first time ever seeing a chiropractor and I’ve never been more glad that I did. He was so friendly and helpful as soon as I walked in. He was so knowledgeable, knew exactly how to help, talked me through every process and immediately after I could tell a huge difference. Their service is amazing and military friendly. Highly recommended!

Piper S.
I brought my daughter in with a list of issues. Her head was misshapen and they were talking about fitting her for a helmet, she wasn’t sleeping well, she was struggling with feeding, and to top it all off, the doctors were thinking she wasn’t hearing well and had a audiology test lined up, telling mom to expect that her little girl’s test would most probably come back abnormal. 

I was referred into Dr. Ken to evaluate and for Chiropractic Cranial work, and he had the chance to Adjust her 3 times before her hearing test. 

I was warned that the test would probably take about an hour and a half, based on the baby’s irritability and how well she could hear during the test. The day came and 30 minutes into the test, we were already done! My baby girl was relaxed and calm throughout and the audiologist found nothing lacking in her ability to hear!!! She passed with flying colors!!!

​Today, she is sleeping better, calmer, and able to eat more efficiently along with being able to hear…AND I have seen enough change in her head shape that she is no longer is being considered for a helmet!!

Amanda K. 
Early on, we something was different with our little boy. Eye contact was a struggle. Rest was a struggle. Developmental delays were notice. Speaking. Social interaction. All were difficult for this little guy. We worked tirelessly on finding answers and eventually did…to a degree. Josh was diagnosed with Autism. 

We realized that a diagnosis helps with understanding what is happening, but there was more. We kept searching and researching, looking for anything that could help our son thrive, even with the difficulties he faces day-to-day. This is what led them to Dr. Cooper's office. 

I was a bit apprehensive… I didn’t know how Dr. Ken would ever get Josh to lay on the table to be checked, let alone Adjusted. Very simply, Josh NEVER stops moving and the more you try to corral him, the more he fights back. 

Dr. Ken approached Josh like he does with every little in the office. He meets them where they are. He doesn’t require that the child meets him where he’s at. This way the child can feel safe and relaxed as he works. 

After Josh’s exam, Dr. Ken explained that Josh’s nervous system was stuck in stress mode or as he explained, “fight or flight” part of our nervous system that was in control. No wonder he couldn’t slow down!! He was constantly in “flight”! He said key would be to get his Nervous system un-stuck and get the “relax” part to take charge, like it is supposed to be most of the time. 

So, Dr. Ken followed Josh around the office…Adjusting at the train table, in the waiting room, in the tent, by the pirate ships…and any place else Josh wandered. 

This is how it is each time, with Josh letting Dr. Ken do a little more work each time, at least slowing down for a couple of seconds to accomplish the Adjustment. 

And then…after his last appointment… as soon as we got home, Josh sat down and played on the ground for 10-15 minutes. That’s huge for Josh!!!